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Ying Chang CompestineCooking show host and award winning writer, Ying Chang Compestine is the author of many cookbooks including Cooking With Green Tea and Cooking with an Asian Accent. She has hosted a 20-episode cooking show on Phoenix TV and has been featured on numerous national television programs, as well as being profiled in numerous national magazines and newspapers.


Ying is the spokesperson for Nestle Maggi and also represented Celestial Seasonings for many years. She is a frequent contributor to national magazines such as Cooking Light, Eating Well, Self, Men's Health, Ski, Delicious Living and Diablo. She was the food editor for Body+Soul, a Martha Stewart magazine that focuses on healthy living.


Ying teaches cooking classes and gives lectures on healthy eating and living around the world.


Below are several examples of her articles and recipes.




Chinese New Year with Ying Compestine

Feature Article


Ying, photo courtesy her husband Greg
Cooking Light

An Auspicious New Year's Menu
  feature article with eight recipes:


The Land of Rice and Fish (PDF)
  Feature article with six recipes

Wrap It Up! (PDF)
    Feature article with eight recipes.


Diablo Magazine

The Gifts of Green Tea
Feature article

Dining In Chinese
  Feature article


Christian Science Monitor

The Bitter Sea
  Book review

Martha Stewart's
Whole Living
Body + Soul

Asparagus Yin and Yang
    feature article with recipe

Néstle, Maggi The Taste of Asia


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