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    Is your next book going to have the Changs in it? Which of the Chang boys is your favorite. I like the one who likes to eat. He reminds me of me. I love to eat.


    I have a problem. I can not start a story. Will you help me?


    Who told you noodles were invented in China. That is so cool. My Chinese name is Wang Jing. Do you know any companies that will publish children's books?


    Have you read a lot of your books? I have one of your cookbooks the food is good. You are very pretty.


    Do you have any good ideas for stories? Because I'm thinking about writing one.


    Which one of your books was the easiest and funniest to write. I wonder if any of your children's books are true. Definitely not The Runaway Rice Cake because rice cakes can't run away. Soon, I will be an author like you.


    If my story is going on and on, what can I do? Do you like my letter?


    What's it like being an author? I might be an author when I grow up. I have an idea for a book title "the story of silk." How do you like it?


    In China did they have kindergarten and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th grades? What do you  do in your spare time? Who was your favorite writer when you were a child?


    I think you are a great cook. Do you enjoy boys or girls better?


    Can you give me a recipe for Chinese food? How old are you?


    I was wondering if you ever got nervous when you were doing a TV show. My favorite part is when your son poured all of the raisins into the rice cake.


    The chopsticks were so cool. I went to eat China food. I used my chopsticks. I would be so happy if you could come back and visit us again.


    Thank you for coming. When is your birthday?


    I love the rice cake. Do you love to write a lot?


    Do you have fans in China?


    I have always dreamed to go to China. Can you send me a picture of the Great Wall of China? I was the one who got picked to grab a marshmallow with chopsticks.

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